Way of 4 Elements is currently only offered through private lessons. Group classes will resume in the future.

Courses offered by Ken Stouffer are;

  • Way of 4 Elements for Body Movement and Health

    These forms are a method of practicing one’s martial art. Through the repetition of this form, the student develops muscle memory as well as the ability to better understand the mechanics and purpose of their movement. For all ages this class will develop strength and flexibility and most importantly teach the student how to move their body. So if it is exercise, confidence, or an introduction to self defense you are looking for this class may be what you are looking for.

  • Way of 4 Elements Introduction to Playing Hands

    Playing hands is a term used to describe a non competitive form of sparring. Through study and practice of playing hands techniques, you will find a stimulating exercise that allows you to learn the basics of fighting. In time these drills will make a palette of techniques that the martial artist can use in a creative non competitive environment. In Ken's opinion, playing hands offers the martial “artist” the proper tools to express one’s own personal martial style. It is stimulating, engaging, and fun for all ages.

  • Personal Training

    Ken will assess your physical fitness and assist you in reaching your goals to maintain weight, and increase strength and flexibility.

  • Crash Course in Ground Fighting

    Most people believe that combat consists of two skilled masters carefully attacking and blocking in crisp choreographic precision for a seemingly endless period of time. In reality, most fights consist of two people grabbing each other, and then falling to the ground where they continue their melee. Crash Course in Ground Fighting will teach the student an abbreviated system of moves and techniques that are very useful in ground fight.

  • Crash Course in Swordplay

    Ken will guide you through the basics of swordplay. Learning parts and types of swords, advancing through basic fencing parries and thrust, moving onto Asian styles, then finishing with European cutting and thrusting styles.

  • Way of 4 Elements Master Class

    After a student has mastered the basic movements and concepts of Way of 4 Elements, and Playing Hands, they may be invited to participate in Master Class. In Master Class the techniques are further explored, practiced, perfected and refined. A student that completes this class will be confident in their ability to respond to basic attacks quickly, and be able to quickly and responsively change courses of action. Ken likes to say “It's like the difference between knowing how to read music, and how to make music.”

Way of 4 Elements, and Ken Stouffer are currently available by appointment only. Classes meet at Fitness Defined. There are also “house call” options available for clients that opt for at home consultation, or have access to their own fitness facilities.

Contact Ken for more information or questions regarding location or availability.

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