About Way of 4 Elements


Way of 4 Elements” is a system of martial arts system created by Ken Stouffer in 2001 that incorporates aspects of many different disciplines. Ken found through years of martial study, that there are many martial techniques practiced by different cultures, countries, and combat schools. He has also found that there are many techniques that are shared among these myriad martial arts. Between vast distances, across language barriers, and between peoples that have never met, there are techniques shared by most martial artists around the world. Sure, every martial art is different. Ken believes that what is most important however is that we focus on the things which we as people share in common, not the details which separate us. “Way of 4 Elements” is a study in the techniques that we share as martial students, and not the doctrine which separates us.

Way of 4 Elements at first glance appears to be a blend of dance and softer styles similar to tai chi. In time however it reveals itself to be a very practical style that can be used for relaxation and movement, and can be applied for protection and self defense.

Through studying Way of 4 Elements, we hope you will learn the most natural way to express yourself as a martial artist... and as a person.

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